The 7th International Symposium on Environment, Natural Resources and Ecological Conservation (ISENREC 2021)
Call for paper

The theme of ISENREC 2021 is "Environment, Natural Resources and Ecological Conservation for Sustainable Development", and the topics of interest are:

Ø  Soil and Water Protection and Remediation  水土保护和修复

Soil and Water Conservation Engineering Measures水土保持的工程措施
Soil and Water Conservation Forest-grass Measures水土保持的林草措施
Soil and Water Conservation Tillage Measures水土保持的耕作措施
Management of Surface-Water System地表水系的治理
Comprehensive Land Management土地综合治理
Restoration and Construction of Ecological Riparian Zone生态河岸带的恢复和修建
Irrigation Farming灌溉种田
Coastal Protection海岸保护
River Bank Protection河岸保护
Lakeshore Protection湖岸保护
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Ø  Climate Hazards and Mitigation Strategies  气候灾害和减缓措施

Monitoring and Evaluation of Various Hazards各类灾害的监测与评估
Mitigation Strategies on Drought Hazards减轻干旱灾害对策
Mitigation Strategies on Hail and Freezing Hazards减轻冰雹及冷冻灾害对策
Mitigation Strategies on Typhoon, Rainstorm and Flood Hazards减轻台风、暴雨洪涝灾害对策
Mitigation Strategies on Sandstorms and Urban Meteorological Hazards减轻沙尘暴及城市气象灾害对策
Comprehensive Mitigation Strategies综合减灾对策
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Ø  Ecosystem Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Change  生态系统的恢复力及其对气候变化的适应

Effects of Biodiversity on Ecosystem Resilience生物多样性对生态系统恢复力的影响
Effects of Ecological Storage on Ecosystem Resilience生态存储对生态系统恢复力的影响
Effects of Habitat Environment on Ecosystem Resilience
Adaptation of Hydrological Processes to Climate Change水文过程对气候变化的适应
Adaptation of Forest Ecosystem to Climate Change森林生态系统对气候变化的适应
Adaptation of Grassland Ecosystem to Climate Change草原生态系统对气候变化的适应
Adaptation of Biodiversity to Climate Change生物多样性对气候变化的适应
Adaptation of Biological Rhythm to Climate Change生物节律对气候变化的适应
Adaptation of Important Species and Biological Groups to Climate Change 重要生物种和生物类群对气候变化的适应
Adaptation of Species Distribution Pattern  to Climate Change 物种分布格局对气候变化的适应
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Ø  Hydro-geomorphological Processes and River Basin Management  水文地貌过程与流域管理

Tectonic Geomorphology构造地貌
Fluvial Landform流水地貌
Karst Landform喀斯特地貌
Glacial Landform冰川地貌
Eolian Landform风成地貌

Coastal Morphology

Land-Use Change in Watershed流域土地利用变化
Watershed Ecology and Management流域生态与管理

Comprehensive Reclamation of River Basin

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Ø  RS, GPS, GIS and Other Advanced Technologies in Environmental and Ecosystem Management   环境、生态系统管理中的RS、GPS、GIS等先进技术

Application of 3S Technology in Ecological Environment Monitoring生态环境监测中3S技术的应用
Application of 3S Technology in Monitoring and Forecasting of Ecological Disasters生态灾害的监控和预测中3S技术的应用
Application of 3S Technology in Water Resources Monitoring水资源监测中3S技术的应用
Application of 3S Technology in Urban Ecological Environment Monitoring城市生态环境情况监测中3S技术的应用
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Ø  Regional Sustainable Development  区域可持续发展

Regional Ecological Environment Construction区域生态环境建设
Utilization and Protection of Renewable Resources可再生资源的利用和保护
Utilization and Protection of Non-renewable Resources非可再生资源的利用与保护
Sustainable Development of Regional Agriculture区域农业的可持续发展
Cross-regional Deployment of Resources资源跨区域调配
Development and Protection of Wetland湿地的开发和保护
Comprehensive Management and Development of River Basin流域的综合治理和开发
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Ø  Soil and Water Conservation in Tropical and Sub-tropical Regions  热带和亚热带地区的水土保持

Development and Protection of Amazon Rain Forest亚马孙热带雨林开发和保护
Biodiversity Conservation生物多样性保护
Monitoring and Protection of Water and Soil in Tropical and Subtropical Areas热带和亚热带地区水土的监督保护
Water Source Construction水源地建设
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Ø  Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering  环境科学与环境工程

Environmental Chemistry and Biology环境化学与生物学
Environmental Materials环保材料
Environmental Safety and Health环境安全与健康
Environmental Planning and Assessment环境规划及评估
Environmental Analysis and Monitoring环境分析与监测
Environmental Engineering环境工程
Pollution Control Project (Air, Water, Solid)污染治理项目(气、水、固)
Waste Disposal and Recycling废物处理及循环再造
Water Supply and Drainage Engineering供水和排水工程
Noise and Vibration Control噪声和振动控制
Clean Production Process清洁生产工艺
Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering水文水资源工程
Architectural Environment & Equipment Engineering建筑环境与设备工程
Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Control水土保持和荒漠化防治
Cultivation and Protection of Forests森林的培育和保护
Plant Protection植物保护
Land Resources Environment and Urban Planning土地资源环境与城市规划
Environmental Protection环境保护
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